Love and Mercy (2015)

Rating: 9/10

Tune on Tuesday travels back in time to the 60s.. and the 80s with Love & Mercy, the biopic dedicated to the prodigy genius behind The Beach Boys, Brian Wilson.

Paul Dano is young Brian Wilson, picturing the musician as both a delicate, sweet presence in his private life and extremely precise and fussy professional in the recording studio. John Cusack is Brian Wilson in the 80s, in what is quite a dark time of Wilson`s life under the care of Dr Eugene Land (Paul Giamatti); this is also the time when he met his lovely wife, Melinda (Elizabeth Banks).

I wasn`t aware of being a fan of The Beach Boys until I watched this movie. I realized I knew more songs than I thought I did and I absolutely enjoyed every minute of this touching tribute to a contemporary music genius. Both him and Melinda were consulted during the production, with a resulting story line that is as close to the real thing as a screenplay allows.

Paul Dano is incredible. I only knew him from Little Miss Sunshine and he played such a different character there, very very impressive! Also worth of mention, the chemistry between John Cusack and Elizabeth Banks. They work very very well together and they are a pleasure to look at.

For the music, what can I say? I downloaded their music, I am currently looking for a nice record from The Beach Boys for my turntable and I have been humming “God Only Knows”, God only knows how long for.

May the corn pop for you, while you are surfing USAAAAA!



Pitch Perfect (2012)

Rating: 8.5/10

Even though some of you are pretty thin, you all have fat hearts, and that’s what matters. – Fat Amy

Today we AKATune-on-Tuesday with Pitch Perfect.

Pitch perfect is a musical comedy produced by and starring Elizabeth Banks. Anna Kendrick is Beca, an alternative freshman who wants to produce music for a living. She somehow ends up being part of the Barden Bellas, an accappella group.

I’ll be honest with you. When this movie came out and someone told me the synopsis, I was like “no thanks”. And then, someone forced it on to me, and it was love at first sound. It is so much better than it sounds, it’s really not just Glee Club moves to college. It’s something like Monsters University becomes a motion picture and has a soundtrack that begs to be sung! (Yeah, I admit it’s a nightmare to watch this film with me)

Why do I love the soundtrack?! Well, I think the music here wins on 2 fronts: first, the accappella is really well done, the fact that we humans can sing a song without an instrument, but making it sound so complete and round still blows my mind. And second, the mashups: in the film often they layer up different songs, like this one making a brand new tune that just works. This is so new and fresh I just love it!

Some fun facts:

– in the Riff-off scene the only 2 categories they end up singing are Ladies of the 80s and Songs About Sex. The actual complete list includes Black Michael Jackson, White Michael Jackson, Christian Rock, Hair Bands, Tv Theme Songs, Reggae Time, Stadium Rock, The Judd’s, Famous Duets, Puppet Songs, Party Rock Anthems, Ugly Lead Singers, Songs Glee Ruined and Overplayed Black Eyed Peas songs

– Ester Dean, who performs S&M, actually wrote the song for Rihanna

– in the college fair scene, students are playing Quidditch in the background

So there we go. I said what I wanted to say, now I shut it and you watch it.

Pitch Perfect, directed by Jason Moore, screenplay by Kay Cannon adapted from the book by Mickey Rapkin. Also starring Skylar Astin and Rebel Wilson.

Fellow AKApeople, may the AKAcorn AKApop for you.