Inside Llewin Davis (2014)

Inside Llewin Davis is this week’s choice for Tune On Tuesday. Rating: 6.5/10

This black comedy was written, directed and edited by Joel and Ethan Cohen and won the Grand Prix at Cannes 2013.

The movie is settled in the West Village in New York in the 60s. Llewin Davis (Oscar Isaac) is a professional folk singer who lost his music partner, Mike Timlin and is now struggling to keep going in a world he has never had to fight in alone. You can join Llewin in his journey to find himself, in company of unusual friends, wealthy admirers and red cats.

Oscar Isaac confirms he can do everything, he’s not just a pilot in a galaxy far far away, a genius AI engineer or a long-lost Egyptian god, he can also sing and veryILD_coverart_final well too! If you like folk music, or just Oscar Isaac you will like this one.

We said this movie is about the tune, and for a reason. The Cohens wrote the script around the music of Dave Van Ronk, one of Bob Dylan’s best buddies and Llewin’s solo album cover, Inside Llewin Davis mimics Van Ronk’s Inside Dave Van Ronk. T-Bone Burnett, (O Brother, Where Are Thou?, The Big Lebowsky) also was involved in the music process. Almost all the performances by Oscar Isaac, Carey Mulligan, Justin Timberlake and Adam Driver were recorded live. Hilarious 3543372is the song Please Mr Kennedy (Watch it here), performed by the unusual combo Isaac-Timberlake-Driver

Inside LLewin Davis directed and written by Joel and Ethan Cohen; starring all the people we mentioned above and John Goodman.