Love and Mercy (2015)

Rating: 9/10

Tune on Tuesday travels back in time to the 60s.. and the 80s with Love & Mercy, the biopic dedicated to the prodigy genius behind The Beach Boys, Brian Wilson.

Paul Dano is young Brian Wilson, picturing the musician as both a delicate, sweet presence in his private life and extremely precise and fussy professional in the recording studio. John Cusack is Brian Wilson in the 80s, in what is quite a dark time of Wilson`s life under the care of Dr Eugene Land (Paul Giamatti); this is also the time when he met his lovely wife, Melinda (Elizabeth Banks).

I wasn`t aware of being a fan of The Beach Boys until I watched this movie. I realized I knew more songs than I thought I did and I absolutely enjoyed every minute of this touching tribute to a contemporary music genius. Both him and Melinda were consulted during the production, with a resulting story line that is as close to the real thing as a screenplay allows.

Paul Dano is incredible. I only knew him from Little Miss Sunshine and he played such a different character there, very very impressive! Also worth of mention, the chemistry between John Cusack and Elizabeth Banks. They work very very well together and they are a pleasure to look at.

For the music, what can I say? I downloaded their music, I am currently looking for a nice record from The Beach Boys for my turntable and I have been humming “God Only Knows”, God only knows how long for.

May the corn pop for you, while you are surfing USAAAAA!



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