Out This Week (20-26 Jun)

Another Friday, another box office weekend. Have a look at what’s on at the cinema.

independence0001INDEPENDENCE DAY: RESURGENCE (Fri 24 June) Everyone knows 1996 Independence Day, the world-acclaimed film about humans defending Planet Earth by an alien attach; so here for you Independence Day: Resurgence, a film about humans defending Planet Earth by an alien attach. Mind blowing. Starring Liam Hemsworth and Jeff Goldblum. (120 mins) Watch Trailer Here


ELVIS AND NIXON (Fri 24 June) I have mixed feelings about this, but Elvis and Nixon is the comedy based on the true events of December 21, 1970 when Elvis went to the White House to see President Nixon for an urgent meeting. Kevin Spacey is Mr President and Michael Shannon is Elvis (86 mins) Watch Trailer Here


THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS (Fri 24 June) Animation by Illumination maxresdefaultEntertainment about a
bunch of pets – you wouldn’t have guessed that – which hang out together after their owners leave their flats. The trailer looks hilarious and hopefully with this we can forget about The Minions Movie ( we forgive you guys ) and go back to the times when things were so fluffy we could have died (91 mins) Watch Trailer Here

8THE MEDDLER (Fri 24 June) Sweet comedy drama starring Susan Sarandon as Rose Byrne’s mother. Ah! And she tends to meddle into things, I guess. No, seriously this picture was Toronto Film Festival material and it’s probably the much better version of Mother Day. So go pick up your mama and spend a magical night watching this. (103 mins) Watch Trailer Here


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