Money Monster (2016) Review

Rating: 7/10

Money Monster is a thriller directed by Jodie Foster and written by AlaMoneyMonstern Di Fiore, Jim Kouf and Jamie Linden.

Jack O’Connell is Kyle, a desperate man who has lost all the money he had on a stock Lee Gates (George Clooney), had described as “safer than your saving account” in his Wall Street TV program,  Money Monster. Kyle gets in the recording studio while hiring and takes Lee hostage, to broadcast live while he demands answers to what kind of “glitch” can let a company lose $800 millions worth investor’s money.

Jodie Foster;Jack O Connell;George ClooneyJodie Foster did an amazing job with this very well developed screenplay: the story has many levels and they all work together to form a touching, gripping picture. A TV presenter held hostage live, the gun man who is just a normal guy who thinks he has lost everything, the delicate relationship between Lee and his director Patty (Julia Roberts), the credible funny interactions between colleagues, it just works.

You will like it if you wanted to like The Big Short but you didn’t get it; this one speaks economics but in a way we humans can actually understand, even those not able to add 2+2.

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