Alice Through The Looking Glass (2016) Review

Rating: 7.5/10

“In the galaxy of memory
In the palace of dream
That is where we’ll meet
But a dream is not reality
Who’s to say which is which”

– The Mad Hatter

Alice Through The Looking Glass is the eye-popping sequel of Alice in Wonderland (2010). Alice is a sea captain now on her father’s ship: The Wonder, but not everyone is happy with a strong, independent woman doing a supposedly manly job, so to remember who she really is Alice goes back to Wonderland following Absalom (Alan Rnullickman) through a looking glass.
This picture is one of the most brilliant reunion of geniuses out there: Johnny Depp is the Mad Hatter and he is just adorably crazy, and ginger; Helena Bonham Carter and her massive heart-shaped head are just hideous, but still more adorable than her “eyebrows gone completely wrong” sister; and Sacha Baron Cohen.. I’m not gonna lie, I don’t think this man can do no wrong, he is just A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Even though his accent in this movie is very much like Aladeen’s (The Dictator), his character, Time is just perfectly portrayed and I personally absolutely enjoyed it.

Cinematography by Stuart Dryburgh (The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, The Piano) is as dreamy and ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS wonderful as one would expect from such a Wonderland movie. The Palace of Time, the Ocean, create a universe one can just get lost in. I loved the new Queen of Heart’s palace, with the crawling animals and the Arcimboldi’s “radishing” servants.

All in all, I think this movie is very good. It is a pleasure for the eyes and a refreshing trip for us dreamers. I personally love seeing a movie that is a cinematic painting: where colours, shapes and imagination become reality, ever so much that I wish I could just jump through a mirror and join our lovely Alice and her weird friends!

You will like it if you’re a dreamer, forget it if you like true stories or things that make sense.

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