Grimsby (2016) Review

Grimsby is a crazy spy action comedy written Sacha Baron Cohen and directed by Louis Leterrier (Now You See Me). When we say crazy, we mean CRAZY! The movie is settled between London, Grimsby, South Africa and Chile and even though the plot is not particularly original or mind blowing, the simple fact that is a Sacha Baron Cohen movie, makes it unmissable. 

In this hilarious comedy, Sacha (Nobby) and Mark Strong (Sebastian) are long-lost brothers, but while Sebastian is an MI6 agent, Nobby is a football supporter, father of 9 up in Grimsby. When they meet again, not even Harry Potter can be indifferent to it, let alone elephants!! (This sounds so random, but I promise you it makes sense once you’ve watched it).

You will like it if you like the sharp, satirical humour of the man behind Ali G, Borat, Brüno and General Admiral Aladeen. You may not like it if you’re from Grimsby. 

Starring Sacha Baron Cohen, Mark Strong, Rebel Wilson and Isla Fisher. Not starring Daniel Radcliffe, Liam Gallagher,  Vin Diesel and Donald Trump.


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