Florence Foster Jenkins (2016) Review

Academy Award Nominee for Actress in a Leading Role – Meryl Streep

Academy Award Nominee for Costume Design – Consolata Boyle


Florence Foster Jenkins is a biographical comedy-drama settled in New York in the late 40s early 50s.
Meryl Streep is Madame Florence, an eclectic personality in the New York musical scenario of the after war period, who was not at all put off, or aware rather, of the lack of her musical skills and became one of the most talked-of opera singers of her time, performing with pianist Cosmé McMoon. Her greater supporter was her late husband, St. Clair Bayfield, a man who gave up his own ambition to dedicate his life to the happiness and self-fulfilment of his beloved wife, protecting her and encouraging her with adoring loyalty.
Once again Meryl Streep shows she can do no wrong. Her performance is flawless and delicate, a touching tribute to a woman that, in spite of the reality around her, created and thrived in her little world of happiness, music and people loyal and loving to a fault. Hugh Grant plays a beautiful Mr Bayfield, in a role surprisinglyFFj different from his usual and comfortable ones, and that we absolutely loved! The film also casts Big Bang Theory star Simon Helberg, who shows off his musical talents as THE piano player, Mr McMoon.
Cinematography by Danny Cohen is genuinely lovely and so is the costume design by Consolata Boyle, whom we already loved in The Iron Lady. The clothes throughout the film are elegant and rich with an impressing attention to details, definitely worth an Academy Award nomination.

You will like it if you liked The King’s Speech, as both tell an emotional, deep real story about a well-known character in an highly entertaining fashion, stepping up the biographical genre to the next level.
If after the movie you want the real recordings of Lady Florence, you can get them in the iTunes Store.


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