I Saw The Light (2016) Review

I saw the light is an autobiographical drama about Hank Williams.
The movie covers the time between the beginning of his fame to his sudden death at the age of 29. IMG_0458
Tom Hiddleston plays the legendary country musician, and surprises us with incredible vocal abilities. I mean, in past few months we’ve seen him playing a psychopath doctor (High Rise), a gothic …. weirdo?! (Crimson Peak), a fearless spy (The Night Manager) and now a country music legend. Tom clearly likes a challenge and we can just enjoy his great work.
This said, I Saw The Light it’s not as powerful as one may expect and it might have benefitted from a slightly more spicy screenplay, which is rather flat at times.
The movie is undoubtedly well acted throughout, and music by Aaron Zigman is brilliantly rearranged, ever so much that you most likely will leave the cinema humming “I Saw The Light” even though you’ve never heard it before (pardon my country music ignorance).
You will like it if you liked “Walk the Line”, but with a little less drama and with even better costumes (seriously, check out the white suit Tom wears with musical notes on it).


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